Project for Improvement of Livelihoods and Well-being of Female Home-Based Workers (FHBWs) in the Informal Economic Sector in Sindh Province





Donor :

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Partners :

Women Development Department, Government of Sindh


Districts :

Sukkur, Khirpur , Ghotki, Larkana and Shikarpur


Duration :




Improvement of livelihoods of Female Home Based Workers (FHBWs) and their families in terms of life skill management, financial access improvement, income generation and promotion of formal employment.


Major Activities



  • The distinctive value of the project is that it focuses on FHBWs who usually don’t have chance to be involved in the formal value chain or economic activities. The project intends to develop their capacity in order to formalize their home based work (eg. handicrafts, food catering, beautician services) by linking with diversified market players. In addition, the project intends to provide linkage with financial service providers so FHBWs acquire an access to formal financial services.

  • Provide female workers with skills and opportunities to cope with rapidly changing market economy: The Project will invest in improvement of both present conditions and the future of female workers by initiating promotional activities to make employers and female workers aware of the importance of and opportunities for female employment. The Project will provide female workers with skills and opportunities such as digital technologies to cope with rapidly changing market economy.

  • The Project will implement four types of activities, namely, life management capacity development, financial service access promotion, income generation activities and promotion of female employment in the formal sector, as pilot activities in Sukkur with SRSO. For sustaining and spreading the support mechanism as well as support activities for FHBWs, the Project will test and develop the livelihood improvement knowledge and tool kit through conducting pilot activities.