Profile of SRSO

Sindh Rural Support Organization ( SRSO ) was incorporated on May 29, 2003 as a not-for-profit Organisation and registered under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017 (Formerly known as Companies Ordinance, 1984). SRSO is funded by government of Sindh to work in the designated districts of Sindh. This policy has been endorsed by government to achieve the goals of poverty reduction through community empowerment, skills enhancement, capacity building and development of community supported infrastructure projects, and the provision of support for income generation, enterprise development and micro credit. For this purpose SRSO organizes the local communities and develop their managerial and technical capacity. People and the government are supported in forging partnership and inculcating the sense of ownership among the people. SRSO is presently entrusted with the responsibility of fostering a network of community organizations at the grassroots level across the Sindh province and works in the following sub-sectors while applying the participatory development approach of sustainable development goals. SRSO’s mandate is to alleviate poverty by harnessing people’s potential lying within the communities to help themselves and undertake development activities.  


Permissible Activities   As Section 42 Company:
Established with the primary objects “to promote, develop, uplift, socio-economic welfare and modernization of the rural areas and related activities, etc.”

As Non-Bank Microfinance Company (NBFC):
To carry out Microfinance Services
Company Status   Large Sized Company (LSC) –
as per Third Schedule (Section 224 of the Act)
Non-listed Company licensed / formed under Section 42 of the Act having annual gross revenue (grants/income/subsidies/donations) including other income / revenue of Rs. 200 million and above.
Company Registration No.   K-09377 of 2002-2003
Date of Incorporation:   29 May 2003
Name of Issuing Authority and License No.   Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
License No: 1510
National Tax No.   1851126-7
Registered / Head  Office   SRSO –Complex Shikarpur Road Sukkur
Phone: : +92 715627182
FAX: +92 715627182
Website: https://srso.org.pk
Email: info@srso.org.pk
Other offices: For detail click here
Membership of  Companies   Pakistan Microfinance Network
Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP)
Human Resource Development Network (HRDN)
Auditor   BDO  Ebrahim & Co
Legal Advisor   Mr. Udha Ram Rajput
Chairman   Ms. Naheed Shah Durrani
CEO   Mr. Muhammad Dittal Kalhoro
CFO   Mr. Asif Ali Khuhro
Company Secretary   Mr. Masood ul Hasan Hashmi
Board of Directors   (Click for Directors Profile)