Balanced Energy–Protein (BEP) Rural Market Test




Donor :



Partners :

Rural Support Program Network (RSPN)


Districts :

Kambar Shahdadkot


Duration :

January 2022 to December 2023


Objective :

To increase the availability of nutritious, protein rich foods to the poorest population.


Major Activities


  • Pakistan has a high burden of poor nutrition among pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and resulting high levels of stunting and other sub-optimal birth outcomes. The private sector maternal nutrition market is currently underdeveloped at around USD 3m per annum and reaching a small number of PLW. While the adult nutrition market is growing (projected 6.9/% Communed Annual Growth Rate). This growth is expected to be more in generic protein supplements rather than specific maternal nutrition products.
    The foundation team has analyzed and developed a strategy to commercialize a nutritious, fortified food supplement for pregnant and lactating women (PLWs): a first step in making such products accessible, affordable and acceptable.
    To establish build and grow a market for maternal nutrition. We are now seeking to lunch the product through various market delivery channels at an accessible price for wealth quintiles
  • SRSO entered into a partnership with RSPN to conduct BEP Rural Market Test in Kamber shahdadkot distrcit of the Sindh province. This is a two-years project that would seek to test potential uptake and consumption frequency of BEP as well as its impact on the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women(PLW) when sold via a private channels at a subsidized price.
  • Identification of Community Resource Persons (CRPs) and training to built their technical knowledge about nutrition and registration of PLWs.
  • Door-to-Door marketing and distribution network supported by targeted awareness sessions with husbands and Mothers In Laws to motivate them and encourage their spouses to take BEP for their better health nd nutrition.
  • Printing of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material.
  • Marketing activities for promotion of BEP in rural areas including radio campaign, community Theaters, SMS campaign etc.
  • Set up and managing a robust cash-handling system throughout the value chain.
  • Monthly meetings of Community Resource Persons (CRPs).
  • Collecting learnings, tracking performance against set KPIs and tweaking.