Sustaining Adolescent Participation in Community Institutions to Address Child Marriages and Create Awareness among Adolescents on COVID-19




Donor :

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


Partner :

Rural Support Program Network (RSPN)


Districts :

Ghotki and Khairpur


Duration :

Dec-2020- June 2021


Objective :

Community Structures (LSOs) strengthened for their role to address adolescent related issues including child marriages, violence against children and create awareness among adolescent on COVID-19


Major Activities


The project has catchment area of 10 Union Councils covering (10 LSOs and 100VOs) of two districts of Sindh i.e ( 5 Union councils in each District of Ghotki and Khairpur). In which 300 adolescent champions (200 girls and 100 boys) from both targeted districts are identified, trained to organize awareness sessions on Covid-19 and early child marriages and these adolescents were integrated with VOs and LSOs in the form of sub committees.
Furthermore these adolescent identified and formed peer groups and disseminate information to further Nine Thousands (9000) champions. A total number of 9000 Adolescents were made aware of preventive measures against COVID-19 and Early Child Marriages. Total 9000 adolescents (60% girls) from community level to benefit through awareness sessions facilitated by trained adolescents champions.