Institute Of Management And Skill Development (IMSD)

Human Resource Development is the back bone of the SRSO for, it provides meaning to the process of social mobilization by delivering capacity building training to the mobilized community, instrumental to creating the proactive community. SRSO’s HRD Department was established in 2003 and in 2013 was transformed into the SRSO - Institute of Management And Skill Development (IMSD). For 10 years the HRD has met the training needs of SRSO staff and community members.
Institute Of Management And Skill Development (IMSD) supplements the work of all other programmes by providing training in skills enhancement and management. It takes on the results achieved by Social Mobilization Section to build capacity of community activists (male/female) both in terms of community basic management skills and sectoral skills. IMSD works towards poverty alleviation and pursues this objective by providing capacity development opportunities through formal training, on-job technical training, and experience sharing seminars workshops and conferences, both for the community members as well as the staff, while following full training cycle management protocols according to need.

IMSD works all the year round and has been assigned several but complementary roles in order to widen its scope and strengthen SRSO’s efforts in creating self-assured, self reliant proactive communities.

IMSD performs following functions:

  1. Training needs assessment and analysis
  2. Developing and revising curriculum
  3. Designing training courses
  4. Delivering training and conducting evaluation
  5. Designing and delivering special packages
  6. Coordinating with other organizations and Institutes for training.
  7. Training of community Activists and Staff capacity building.

There are four main components of the IMSD capacity building effort:
  1. Community Managerial Skills Training Programmes(CMST) for both male/female CO , VO and LSO Presidents and General Secretaries.
  2. Community Vocational Training Programme.
  3. Staff Training Programme and
  4. National and International Exposure Visits.

Community Management skills Training (CMST)


Major task of IMSD is to organize ‘Community Management skills Training' (CMST). For identifying potential recipients for various household level interventions through the poverty scorecard and to carry out common development work at the village and union council level, it is essential that the capacity building of office bearers of COs, VOs and LSOs is carried out. This is essential in order to make them fully functional for the effective delivery and monitoring of services through the three tiered system of mobilized communities. To achieve this objective, SRSO imparts five types of community trainings at the CO/VO/LSO level, which include institution management skills, CIF identification, management and monitoring, annual planning, and budgeting and record keeping; experience sharing workshops and exposure visits are also frequently organized.

CMST is a mix of sessions aimed at creating basic management capacity and transferring specific skills required by that group. Elements of curriculum include issues such as basic management skills, record keeping, conflict resolution and planning. It includes sessions on social development, seeking change in the attitude, breaking taboos, encouraging equal gender relationship. Such vigorous training seeks to enable and empower the communities by changing its mindset, eliminating despondency prevalent since long due to uninformed and deprived status of the communities. IMSD mostly offers residential training in case of female CO members that has shown better results as the learners, isolated from their routine daily chores, tend to concentrate and interact with each other and benefit from this approach. Feedback and Evaluation is inherent in the course design.


Vocational Training Program


Technical and vocational skills development training represent an important investment on human resource which leads to opportunities of income generation for livelihood improvement. Through vocational training scholarships, SRSO ensures employment opportunities among rural communities by developing their skills to enable them to earn a livelihood. The idea is to provide managerial and productive skills to begin and enhance a home-based business. Under this programme, community members, especially youth and women, are provided vocational & enterprise development skills & effective employment services using a flexible & integrated approach. It has empowered rural communities through the provision of technical & business management skills & micro enterprise start-up support.


Staff Training Program


Staff training and development would enhance Organizational effectiveness. The effectiveness and success of an organization therefore lies on the people who work within the organization. SRSO provides opportunity of different staff capacity building programmes along with international exposure visits to its personnel so that may be equipped with necessary skills and tools to respond all types of challenges in their respective professional field.