Mr. Suleman G Abro


Mr. Suleman G. Abro is the Founder and President of Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers Cooperative Organization (SAFWCO) one of the leading NGO in Sindh Pakistan since 1986. Mr. Abro has Masters Degree in Sociology and Sindhi Literature and Bachelor’s Degree in Law. He possesses over twenty five years of experience as development professional. His expertise includes community institutional development, strategic positioning of development issues, gender and development, social audit and cost effectiveness of development interventions.  

Mr. Abro is also post graduate in Gender Policy and Planning from University College, London. He visited Thailand, China, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, United States of America, United Kingdom. Malaysia, Indonesia, Holland, Vietnam, France (Paris), Spain and Switzerl and present Pakistan development scenario at different forums and raised civil society voice.
Mr. Abro is Alumnae of INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme Singapore in 2008. Besides he also participated in national and international summits/conferences and workshops on a wide range of issues. He is member of various national and international organizations/networks. For ten years he continued his welfare activity with SGA. He has also been associated with pre and post Beijing process in connection to this launched a campaign against violence against women, honour killings/karo Kari throughout Sindh province. He has also been involved in a number of research projects and has conducted surveys throughout Sindh. He has contributed a number of articles to various newspapers and periodicals raising the voice against women discrimination, poverty, illiteracy, environment, rural development and other burning issues related to poor masses.